Superior Client Experience

A wise person once reminded me, "You've got to keep the main thing, the main thing!" No matter the activity, this nugget of wisdom keeps on giving. For instance, a grocery store could be clean and organized, and have all the things, but if the customer has a lousy experience at the cash register, the store loses. In the gym, sure a body can mindlessly crank out numerous repetitions of a given exercise, but if the technique is off or if breathing is done incorrectly, the body may not progress, or worse, injury could occur. In team sports, it kills a team when a member is unable to get outside of themselves and really see the whole game. Whether it's a lack of fundamentals or pride, if a team member is unable to really see the field, the team suffers.

At the Kingston Group, we KNOW this wisdom is useful for our team, especially in our line of work. Perhaps the first step is really naming the main thing. Our mission statement captures it well: To provide a superior client experience through unsurpassed project quality and communication as a dynamic product of our core values. The main thing for the Kingston Group is to provide a "superior client experience."

Of course, we must understand the science behind building. Yes, our people must have a baseline of project management skills. Accurate accounting is certainly indispensable. Tech savviness is pretty attractive these days. BUT, IF OUR CLIENTS ARE NOT FEELING IT, WE LOSE. For us, the main thing must stay securely in first place. The more common activities of our day (e.g. purchase orders, updating calendars, emails, etc.) simply can not overshadow our mission.

For all of our projects, a Kingston Group project manager meets with our clients on site, face to face, every single week of the job. This practice of presence encourages good communication on any home construction or remodeling project. Our goal in these weekly meetings goes beyond mere physical presence. Our project managers are well-trained in the fundamentals of managing the work itself, and thus, less distracted and stressed by the chaos that is construction. This allows our project managers to be present AND engaged, asking helpful questions, preparing our clients for what's ahead, and guiding our homeowner's through the natural stress of it all.

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