The Truth About Construction

We challenge our clients to wrestle with the truth that construction - of any sort - is complicated. Even the average project consists of countless moving parts, unknown variables, and jarring pitfalls. Construction is often unpredictable, sometimes chaotic, and ALWAYS messy.

Most homeowners hire a professional when construction needs arise. Quality companies, like The Kingston Group, have years of experience and the necessary skills to manage the chaos of construction. Many builders and remodelers fail to manage the chaos well, creating dreadful results which only reinforce the many unfortunate industry stereotypes.

And so, there are two important understandings as you move closer to starting your project. First, selecting a qualified contractor is of the utmost importance. All builders and remodelers are not equal. Second, selecting the right contractor simply does not eliminate the reality that often unpredictable, sometimes chaotic, and ALWAYS messy.

Setting expectations properly is critical for the success of any project. More than likely, your project will generate a surprise or two. Deliveries, code inspections, and the weather can foil the best-laid plans. One or more of the entities associated with the project will make a mistake. Your project WILL be messy. In general, these things are unavoidable.

What separates The Kingston Group from other contractors is our ability to deal with and properly manage the inescapable realities of construction. We patiently walk with our clients from start to finish. We manage the chaos for you making the complicated process a simpler one – one you could even enjoy!

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