Budget, Schedule, & Nacho Dreams

Everyone loves nachos (or they should!) There’s an interesting thing about the way we all tend to eat nachos. We grab a chip, move it, scoop it, and work it around preparing each bite with just the right amount of meat, cheese, and other tantalizing toppings! Consciously or subconsciously, each of us has a RATIO that works for us. If you're sharing this appetizer plate, and one person goes heavy on, say, the guacamole, this can cause big problems for the group, but that’s another topic. Back to ratios….

At The Kingston Group, we’ve learned something really important. When it comes to remodeling, that special ratio is about: 1) BUDGET 2) SCHEDULE and 3) DREAMS.  Each client is needing a unique blend of these essential ingredients and they’re all working this ratio whether consciously or subconsciously. For instance, if the Smith family has a baby due in six months, project SCHEDULE may be the weightiest in their ratio. Of course, babies can be expensive so the budget is not irrelevant, but for the Smiths, budget may weigh less than schedule. This sort of understanding is critical to the success of the Smith's design build process.

Now that we’ve put our finger on this reality, The Kingston Group leads clients through the design build process succinctly and with clarity. Can you imagine trying to enjoy nachos without any understanding of “the ratio” or the skills necessary to achieve such a fine balance? The dish would be less enjoyable, time-consuming, and downright frustrating.

Let The Kingston Group walk you through your next home remodeling project relying on our years of experience and insight. We can skillfully help you achieve your preferred balance of budget, schedule, and dreams!

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