A Team Approach

This quarter, our team is learning from insightful author, researcher, and seasoned thought leader, Brene Brown. Her book, Dare to Lead, is challenging the Kingston Group to appreciate further the values of trust and vulnerability in all relationships – inside and outside the company. Brown shares that Google conducted a “five-year study on highly productive teams [finding] that psychological safety – team members feeling safe to take risks and be vulnerable in front of each other – was ‘far and away the most important of the five dynamics that set successful teams apart.’”

For us, this training is part of our larger quarterly goal we have named, A Team Approach. TKG knows that construction is ALL ABOUT team work. Most projects, starting with our clients, involve an architect, an engineer, a surveyor, a designer, an estimator, a project coordinator, a production manager, a project manager, numerous subcontractors, many suppliers, and sometimes even a cake-maker (for our end-of-project parties!) On average, that’s a team of well over 30 entities! The bottom line, we simply MUST understand and excel at teamwork.

Fundamentally, good teamwork is a function of vulnerability and our capacity to trust one another. Think about it, all the ingredients of a successful project – creativity, innovation, confidence, to name a few – invoke vulnerability. Our most creative projects are forged through rich collaboration and true collaboration means trusting one’s teammates. The innovation happening at TKG is a direct result of our curiosity. Curiosity can be scary – no one likes asking questions that others may view as “dumb.” Finally, our confidence comes through years of practice (a.k.a. train, fail, repeat…) and practice demands vulnerability.

Our team is having some fun with this quarterly priority. We’re playing a company-wide game complete with personal scorecards, rules, a point-tracking banner, and more. The goal is to press simple team fundamentals into our weekly rhythm. Points are awarded when we offer HELP to a teammate. Even more points are awarded when we slow down and actually ACCEPT help from a teammate. When a team member completes their weekly household chore, points are recorded (even the company owners still take out the trash). Lastly, in our weekly meeting, members are rewarded for giving a teammate a piece of thoughtful recognition. If we reach our point goal, there will be a company-wide celebration with food and drink the likes of which we have never seen! (I’m still waiting for budget approval on that…but it will be big!)

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