Top 5 Tasks for Your Spring Home-Maintenance List

With this spring weather finally upon us, it’s hard not to gaze out the window and daydream about all of the possibilities for new ‘outdoorsy’ projects (sorry, boss). Can anyone say home-grown ‘maters?!

 While watching two birds chirp on the dogwood branch outside, I can’t help but notice the yellow haze that has engulfed my entire house and every piece of porch furniture. So, it’s looking like my plan to eat dinner in the backyard with the setting sun is slowly slipping from being a possibility. My daydreaming is now turning into the realization that my spring home maintenance check list is growing by the second. I MUST get help! I NEED to enjoy this time outside before summer sneaks up with its heat-wave in full tow.

First thing’s first… let’s get this check list narrowed down to the 5 most important tasks. John McGregor is one of our guys in the Property Services division at The Kingston Group, and he is here to help. When preparing your home for the warmer months, John suggests:


  1. Roof Inspection

Schedule a meeting for a professional to inspect the quality of your roof. Winter winds and storms can cause all sorts of damage to the exterior of your home. If you’re also local to Nashville, you know how much snow we got this year. And folks, it’s a lot heavier than it looks! The weight of the snow can cause the flashing on your roof to split, which leads to leaks. Spring showers are headed our way, so let’s all make sure that we won’t be having any surprise indoor-pool additions this year.


  1. Check Outside Faucets for Freeze Damage

Even a small drip coming from the flange – the area that connects the faucet to the wall – needs to be checked out by a professional. If there is any water coming from this area, then the caulk needs to be reinforced. Your water coming from the faucet should have a high pressure flow when working correctly. Watering our spring gardens is a must, don’t let freeze damage from the winter months get in the way of your cuc and tomato supply.


  1. A/C Tune Up

Don’t shoot the weatherman! Even some of the best scientists can’t warn us fast enough before that first sweltering weekend creeps up. We’ve got to be ready at all times to crank that AC…who really wants to break out all the dust covered box fans from the attic?? Our best advice: call a pro to come run a full diagnostics exam on your AC unit. This should always remain high priority on your annual maintenance checklist. Don’t Forget! A dirty filter only makes your air conditioning system work harder. Make sure you’re checking your air filters once a month and replacing them every three months.



  1. Caulk the Cracks on Your Windows and Doors

Now, let’s talk saving money on your bill because of that newly tuned A/C. We don’t want any cool air escaping the house from pesky little cracks around your windows and doors. Because an elastomeric caulk expands and contracts with its current weather conditions, spaces may form between the walls and the joining doors and windows. Even space as wide as a nickel needs to be re-caulked immediately to avoid letting that precious A/C run rampant from your house.


  1. Pressure Wash the Exterior of Your Home

It’s time to let your true colors shine again! Well your true paint color at least. After the last pollen of the season has fallen, it is extremely important to call in the big guys to pressure wash the exterior of your home. There is a variety of solutions out there for treating mildew, algae stains, and the overall scum from all types of weather conditions. Pressure washing is a preventative maintenance task that can inhibit rot and premature aging of your home. This should be done once a year and we recommend repainting your home every 5 years.


Now that you’ve got, what we consider, the 5 most important home maintenance tasks for spring, let’s get back to planning that backyard cook out. I see burgers and homegrown spring veggies in my future. How about you??