Do you give free estimates?

We do give free estimates, but on large projects estimates are just that – estimates. If our estimate is in line with your budget and you like our construction process we take a security deposit and begin developing the scope of work and final fixed pricing. During this due diligence period we often put upwards of 30 man hours into your job. We want to make sure there are no surprises during construction and that we set a realistic budget and schedule for your custom project.

Do I need a set of plans?

Yes. In order to properly budget and plan for efficient construction we require plans. If you don’t have any when you reach out to us then we can help you with a design build process. We have a team of draftsman and architects and can help develop your vision into construction ready drawings

Who will be my contact during construction?

After developing a detailed scope and contract, our estimator will hand the project off to our production team. You will have a project manager assigned to your job and they will be on site almost every day during construction (there will be down time for inspections and between phases.) They will keep job logs and communicate thoroughly with you as to what is going on and what to expect during construction. The project manager has a team behind them to help if ever they are out sick or on vacation and you will be able to log on to our software to view the details of your project at any time 24/7.

Do I have to pick all the materials and finishes myself or do I need a designer?

We have a design coordinator on staff who will help guide your selections and keep you on budget. She will meet with you at suppliers’ showrooms and help you to effectively make decisions and keep to the construction schedule. We like to get these selections made as early as possible so that we can complete your remodel work as efficiently as possible.

How are payments handled?

We require a deposit prior to construction and then progression payments are made when milestones are hit (i.e. A milestone may be “start of paint.”) Smaller jobs often are broken into 2 or 3 total payments, while larger additions, custom building and remodels may be 5-7 payments. When working with a bank they may require an inspection prior to releasing funds at milestones. The bank will provide their own inspector.

Do you finance projects?

No, we do not finance projects, but we do have a great group of preferred lenders in the Nashville area. We work with many local banks to develop budgets and construction loans and we’re glad to hold your hand through the process and answer any questions along the way.

Do you warrant your work?

We stand behind our work. After the project is complete, we’re still on your team.All projects come with a 1-year warranty so you can have confidence that your investment will be protected.

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